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The Dangers of DIY Braces


The Dangers of DIY BracesAt Orthodontics Exclusively, we’re proud to offer high-quality orthodontic care to patients of all ages throughout the greater Merced & Fresno, CA areas. But beyond just providing treatment through BRACES and INVISALIGN, we want to help our patients maintain a great smile for a lifetime – and how you take care of teeth at home has a major impact on the health of your smile. Recently, we’ve been seeing a terrible trend come back into the news spotlight: DIY braces. Popular among teens, this method of attempting to improvise orthodontic care may look like a cost-saving life hack, but in reality, it’s downright dangerous.

Do DIY Braces Really Work?

Some questions in life are hard to answer – but this one isn’t. Let us say loudly and clearly: DIY braces do NOT work. And not only are they completely ineffective, but they can pose a mortal danger to your teeth.

The thing to understand about orthodontics is that it’s an incredibly complicated science. Orthodontists like DR. BOESE SR. AND DR. BOESE JR. go through years of training on top of dental school to learn the concepts, techniques, and technologies of orthodontic treatment, and it’s only after this advanced training that they can successfully use these skills to move teeth and correct smiles. It’s this sophisticated application of knowledge and technology that allows orthodontic treatment to work.

DIY braces, on the other hand, are anything but sophisticated. Most cases of DIY braces involve using crude tools like rubber bands, cotton twine, or tightly-wound string to try to put pressure on the teeth and move them. However, this pressure is a blunt, imprecise force, and instead of moving teeth, it actually cuts off the blood vessels that bring oxygen and blood to the tooth roots. Not only does this prevent any meaningful tooth movement, but it also can kill the tooth and deal irreparable damage to the gums and jawbones, eventually causing the tooth to fall out entirely.

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DIY braces are one of the worst ideas out there, and if you know anyone who’s considering trying them, we encourage you to stop them immediately – not only will they never get a better smile, but they’ll do serious damage to their mouth and will need extremely expensive repair treatments. Instead of DIY braces, we recommend scheduling a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION with us. As a licensed orthodontic practice serving Merced & Fresno, we can diagnose any orthodontic problems and recommend the most cost-effective solution for treatment – and the consultation appointment is completely free. CONTACT US TODAY to schedule your consultation, and remember to never, ever try DIY braces!

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