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What You Need To Know About TMJ & TMD


At Orthodontics Exclusively, we believe everyone deserves excellent orthodontic health. While having a beautiful smile is a big part of that, it is not the only component to strong overall oral health. The jaws are also a major part of orthodontics. While most peoples’ jaws work just fine and do not cause trouble, sometimes people can develop Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, otherwise known as TMJ OR TMD.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is a blanket term for symptoms caused by a wide variety of problems with the jaw, and causes can range from misaligned teeth to deformities in the structure of the jaw. Symptoms of TMJ can vary widely in kind and intensity from patient to patient, but some of the most common are jaw pain, clicking or popping noises when moving the jaw, lockjaw or teeth clenching, and frequent headaches. While for some, TMJ is simply a minor irritation, for others, it can be a serious problem that interrupts their daily life and activities.

Treating TMJ

In most cases, TMJ is treatable through orthodontic procedures. In the most severe cases, TMJ can require jaw surgery. While this treatment is serious in scope, it can be of great help in alleviating severe TMJ pain. Braces or other ORTHODONTIC TREATMENTS can also help to relieve TMJ, as they correct the alignment of the teeth and jaws to reduce friction and pressure on the jaw joints. For mild or intermittent cases of TMJ, it may be sufficient to simply treat the symptoms through over the counter painkillers, a night guard to protect from grinding, and regular massage of the jaws.

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