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The ultimate goal of Orthodontics Exclusively is to offer dental patients in the Merced and Fresno communities the best in comprehensive orthodontic care. We strive to offer our patients the results and care they deserve! We are very proud and happy to boast a great patient rating on several review forums. Feel free to read some of our reviews below and if you like what you see, schedule an appointment today!

“I highly recommend Dr. Boese and his son Lee Boese, Jr. They have the expertise you need in an orthodontist. Their office staff is always friendly and makes you feel like they are interested in you. Three out of four of my children are patients, with the 4th not far behind. He is expensive, but really worth it. One of my children has special needs, both in function, as well as aesthetics. Dr. Boese has done a wonderful job! After the kids, I’m next!” ~ Susie Williamson

“I’m a transfer case of Dr. Boese two years ago, and now I have to say that Dr. Boese is a smile-saver! When I first came to Dr. Boese’s office, I was in a pretty bad situation as my former orthodontist in Orange County “messed up” with my teeth and was being dishonest about money billing issues. Thank God I got admission to UC Merced and had to transfer to a different orthodontist, who is Dr. Boese now. I have to say that this change is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and Dr. Boese has given me the best present of life that everyone wishes for; a beautiful smile. The staff working at the office is extremely nice and they all work in a professional manner as they always make sure that you feel comfortable and you NEVER have to wait a long time for your turn. Dr. Boese is especially nice and he always takes good care of every single case. He will talk to you and tell you what he is going to do step by step to make what change accordingly. During the process, depending on your case, he will adjust the method to make sure it is the most effective and fastest process. As a college student, the last thing I want is to get extra charges for some reason like the brackets fall off because I don’t take good care of it…(which I encountered with my former dentist) here Dr. Boese will tell you how much the whole process will cost, and you can make payments easily every month knowing how much you still have to pay and how much you have paid. Everything is crystal clear and I feel really comfortable every time I visit his office. There I feel that I’m cared for by the very best people, and you will never feel being left out or “forgotten” even when the office is in its “busy” hours. The money that I paid is completely worth it. It’s unbelievable how different I looked before and after the magical hands of Dr. Boese. He has given me, a college student, the confidence I need to live and study at my very best. You have no idea how much a beautiful smile can change your life until you really see it yourself. For me, I’ve never felt this confident before. This is the best option for anyone who is looking for an orthodontist in Merced if you want to feel beautiful every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Good luck, Anh. P.S.: Thank you, Dr. Boese.” ~ Anh N.

“Sr. is one of my favorite people and orthodontist! Thoroughly enjoyed my own experience with him 30 years ago. And completely trust him with my own children. He takes the sting out of having braces; which is always an awkward time in a child’s life. Jr. was very good with my children, and treats his patients with the same genuine care and concern that his father always has.” ~ Tracy S.

“If you are deciding which orthodontist to go to….look no more this is the place. Very knowledgable, extremely friendly, and high tech. Every question and thought you have will be answered in great detail. I would recommend this office to everybody. If there was a higher rating than 10 I would give it.” ~ Nicole M.

“I have two special needs children that went to Dr. Boese Sr. & Dr. Boese Jr. back in 2009. They both needed braces and their office was referred to me because I was new to the area. The staff is friendly and helpful and the staff and Drs. know how to deal with special needs children without getting frustrated. I would highly recommend either Dr. Boese for any and all orthodontics for both adults and children. The office and staff rocks!!!!!” ~ Nicole F.

“Dr. Boese is the most awesome orthodontist ever. Both Drs and their staff rock. I would recommend them to anyone who needs braces. My smile looks awesome compared to when I first went to them.” ~ Cheyenne F.

“My teeth are so much better than when I started. I love the way the staff and Drs. work with me and have patience with me. I would highly recommend them for anyone’s ortho work. All Drs. and staff do a great job. They are awesome.” ~ Justin F.

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If you are a former or current patient of ours and would like to leave your own testimonial for visitors to see, please CONTACT US and we will add yours to this page. Here at Orthodontics Exclusively, we offer comprehensive orthodontic for patients of all ages in and around Merced, Los Banos and Fresno, CA. All of our offices accept Delta Dental, Cigna, and Premier orthodontic insurance. Contact one of our offices today if you have any questions at all or would like to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!

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