Improving Care with Fiberotomy

After orthodontic treatment, the teeth have a tendency to slowly shift back to their previous positions. This process is called relapse and can be quite frustrating to patients who have visited an orthodontist and have spent time and money receiving ORTHODONTIC PROCEDURES. At Orthodontics Exclusively, we want to ensure that you have the best possible outcome and avoid experiencing relapse after receiving our orthodontic services.

Thankfully, relapse can be prevented as long as certain techniques are used in conjunction with popular orthodontic treatments. One of these techniques is an effective procedure developed by Dr. Lee Boese called fiberotomy.

How Fiberotomy Works

Dr. Boese developed fiberotomy to combat relapse tendencies after orthodontic treatments. After much study and research, Dr. Boese found that connective tissue fibers are one of the main culprits behind relapse. These tissue fibers become stretched out much like rubber bands when crooked teeth are moved into a straightened position. Once orthodontic treatment is completed and appliances are removed, the tense fibers end up pulling the teeth back into their original positions. This process is typically slow but can lead to total reversal of orthodontic procedures over time.

The fiberotomy procedure helps prevent relapsing while improving post treatment stability and is completed in a 2-step process:

  • Special tools are used to locate displaced fibers.
  • Displaced fibers are carefully clipped.

Once the displaced fibers are clipped, tissue memory is removed and the chance of relapse is significantly reduced.

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